torsdag den 6. april 2017

Mutant Steve is back!!??... Well, almost..

Mutant Steve is making a come-back, for the Mutant Bastards line.
Here's the first progress shot:

Abaddon: Lord of Space Hell

Abaddon: Lord of Space Hell is up for sale at:

Designed by JB Roe
Sculpted by Dr. Death
Produced by Goodleg Toys


mandag den 20. marts 2017

A commission for GORILLA ANGREB

The classic danish punk-rock band, Gorilla Angreb, commissioned me to do this set-up.
I hope they'll use it for a 7" or something like that!!

mandag den 9. januar 2017


Flatulon, the Windy Vindicator, is almost ready for action!!

torsdag den 5. november 2015

onsdag den 28. maj 2014

Flim-flam the cat

Flim-flam is a cat mutant that suffers from severe cat allergy (Hence the snot bubble and the swollen eye), so he's constantly in a bad mood.
I wanted to do a cat, because i was always dissapointed with the classic TMNT Scratch. There is so much potential in a cat-character and i think Playmates kinda wasted that oppertunity, with a boring concept and a rather bad sculpt. In my humble opinion, of course.

Some progress shots:

Sergei the sturgeon is ready to be cast

torsdag den 22. maj 2014

Marvelous Mosell - Stopmotion 7"

The final cover for Mosell's Stopmotion 7" single.
Everything, except for the TMNT and He-man action figures, is DIY.

onsdag den 19. februar 2014

torsdag den 30. januar 2014

fredag den 22. marts 2013